Gropius House

Long Chair

Isokon began in 1931 with Jack Pritchard (1899-1992), its visionary founder. Isokon is a contraction of “Isometric Unit Construction.” that Prichard felt evoked the European modernism and that he was keen to bring to pre-war Britain. He wanted Isokon to make houses, flats, furniture and fittings. Bauhaus exiles Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer joined the Isokon venture in 1934.

According to Ati Gropius’s recollection, “There were always two of these chairs in the house. One in the living room and one in the study, until a space problem became acute and the study chair was disposed of. In the later years, the living room chair was always covered with furs and my mother’s favorite sitting place.”

This modern version of the long chair replaces the fragile original which is in storage.