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Collect: Cufflinks and Stickpin

Set of cufflinks and stick pin
Island Curio Company (c.1890-c.1920)
Honolulu, Hawaii, c.1890-c.1920
Sterling silver, gold plate, enamel
Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

This set of cufflinks and stickpin belonged to Stephen Willard Phillips, who was born on Oahu in 1873. His father, Stephen Henry Phillips, served as attorney general to the court of King Kamehameha V from 1866 until the King’s death in 1872.


Introduced in 1845, the Hawaiian coat-of-arms includes symbols of royal authority such as feathered capes (‘ahu ‘ula), feathered helmets (mahiole), and staffs (kahili), as well as stripes signifying the eight unified islands.