Gropius House

Chi 38

Laszlo Moholy- Nagy became a Master in the Bauhaus Weimar and Dessau from 1923-28.

Ati Gropius Johansen recounts, “Ebullient, kinetic Moholy was my father’s ideal in many ways: the ideal creative spirit for the modern design movement’s synthesis of art and technology. After the Bauhaus years, my father recommended him for the directorship of the New School of Design in Chicago. They kept in close touch with each other over the years. Moholy’s infectious enthusiasm, humor, and expanding warmth delighted my father. His sudden and too early death in 1946 deeply saddened my father for years to come. His favorite painting “Chi 38” was given to my parents by his widow, Sybil, after his death.”

Photograph by John Russo.