Gropius House

Walter Gropius Biography

1883          Born May 18 in Berlin, Germany

1903          Attends Technical University (Architecture Department) in Munich and Berlin

1907          Educational tour to Spain

1908          Assistant to Peter Behrens, through 1910

1910          Private practice in Berlin

1914          Participates in First World War, through 1918

1915          Marries Alma-Maria Mahler, divorced 1920

1919          Unifies arts and crafts school and fine arts school as “State Bauhaus in Weimar”

1923          First extensive exhibition of the Weimar Bauhaus

1923          Meets llse Frank at a lecture in Hannover. They marry later that year

1925          The Bauhaus moves to Dessau and renamed “Dessau Bauhaus, Academy for Design”

1928          Resigns Directorship, resumes private practice in Berlin. Visits the United States

1934          Private practice in London, England, in partnership with Maxwell Fry, through 1937

1937          Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

1938          Private practice in partnership with Marcel Breuer, through 1941

1938          Builds Lincoln house on Storrow land

1938          Chairman of the Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Design at Harvard

1944          Gropiuses become American citizens

1946          Founding partner and active project principal of The Architects Collaborative (TAC)

1954          World travel to Australia, Asia, Middle East, and Europe

1969          Dies on July 5 in Boston, Massachusetts