Gropius House

Landscape Tour Introduction


Welcome to the Eustis Estate, home to W.E.C and Edith Eustis and their young family. The property comprises eighty acres of fields, woodland, and gardens with four original buildings built between 1878 and 1902. The land was a gift to Edith Eustis from her mother, Mary Hemenway, on the occasion of Edith’s marriage in 1876. Mrs. Hemenway owned the large estate to the south of this site, and W.E.C. Eustis’s family lived to the north. The mansion was the first building constructed on the property in 1878, and was designed by preeminent architect William Ralph Emerson. Enjoy walking around the estate from dawn to dusk. Please respect our neighbors’ privacy and refrain from walking in areas that are marked as private.